Nice comeback for Microsoft

I’m a Windows developer by trade and Debian developer by passion. For the past two decades, I’ve been wishing and longing that Microsoft will go down or even go under, so that all Windows programmers like me can be freed from abysmal world that Microsoft put us in (and don’t get me started on that one, basically every time I jump through the hoops to finally master the “new” thing that Microsoft force down through our throat, it’s about the time for Microsoft to announce that it is abandoning it and moving on to something even newer and more shiny …).

That two-decade hatred might soon be the past, because for the first time, I am wishing Microsoft to have a nice comeback. Well speaking of which, as matter of the fact, MS might has always been doing great, and better, but in my hate-centered-and-narrowed mind, there is always a voicing convincing me that it is going down. Anyway,

The comeback is its new mobile developing platform xamarin.

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Use new dbab to set proxy automatically

In the past, we’ve covered

Now let’s continue on that trend to auto proxy setting. I.e., DNSMasq gets DHCP and DNS together, and the dbab brings them both and ad blocking together, and now let’s move a step further to bring squid and auto proxy setting into the picture, and into the harmony.

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The Secret Behind the Auto Proxy Setting

While most people surf the Internet for pleasure, I mostly browse for knowledge. I.e., there will be lots of times that I need to revisit a page again and again. Hence, I configured my squid local http caching server. All machines in my home are using it, so even if I browse back to the page again on a different machine, the page loading will be still lightening fast as they all contribute to the squid caching pool. I’m happy with it.

However, there are times that my friends or colleagues coming to my home. If that happens, mostly likely we will be focusing on the same thing, meaning, we will be browsing the same sites, and same pages. The problem is, despite that the sites/pages have been cached locally, my visitors can’t easily use it, and have to request from outside each on their own. I’m not happy with it, and now decided to deal with it.

This prompted me to look into the mechanism behind all the browser’s automatic proxy settings. Can I setup something similar in my home so that my visitors can enjoy my caching server easily?

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Use dbab under Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Documenting the steps I use to install/configure dbab under Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty. All in all, nothing unusual as before, as long as you don’t touch the new feature in the /etc/network/interfaces and ignore the /etc/network/interfaces.d directory. I only notice the new feature now (until Ubuntu 14.04), and was curious to give it a try. But it turns out to be a dead-end detour. Details at Setup static IP under Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty.

Now back to the steps I use…

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