There was no Big Bang? Lethbridge academics’ paper turning cosmology on its head

Originally posted on Metro News:

How can something come from nothing?

That question has confounded philosophers for millennia but for Saurya Das, who recently devised a mathematical model suggesting the Big Bang never happened and the universe has simply existed forever, it’s no big deal.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” said the University of Lethbridge physics professor. ”We’d just have to get used to that fact, I guess.”

Das co-authored a paper published this month in the prestigious journal Physics Letters B, which has been garnering all sorts of attention in the cosmology community for convincingly contradicting the conventional wisdom that the universe originated from a “singularity” about 13.8 billion years ago.

And while it explains a lot of what we have so far observed about the universe, that singularity – commonly known as the Big Bang – comes with some inherent problems, too.

Saurya DasSaurya Das

“The singularity is basically where…

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Is this the year of the sheep or what?

Is this the year of the sheep or what?

It first started from BBC, then followed by CNN, then it goes viral around the world about the confusion: which exactly the year it is, goat or sheep?

The whole western media now seems to be all joking on the Chinese: “Come on, make up your mind, don’t confuse people any more”. This makes me very uncomfortable, and want to defend the Chinese here. This is actually not a joke on Chinese, but in fact it should be a joke on English. Why?

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Microsoft is locking down while the whole world is opening up

Microsoft is locking down while the whole world is opening up

Before the dawn of the Internet, you have to pay big bucks to access to MSDN and TechNet articles. They comes periodically on CDs. Those who have them, will have a very competitive edge over those who don’t. So it was a big surprise when I first found out that the MSDN and TechNet articles can be available freely on the Internet. Opening them up is surely a welcoming move.

However, I don’t understand why, Microsoft is locking them down again.

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How to play midi files under Ubuntu Linux

How to play midi files under Ubuntu Linux

Playing midi under Linux is an old topic that nobody talks about nowadays. Hence all documents/blogs/how-tos on playing midi under Linux are more or less outdated. I’ve exhausted all my google searched but still having trouble to piece together the puzzles into a whole piece.

Finally with the help from John O’M, it is working for me now. Here is how I get it working.

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