How I blog

I’m the kind of guy who prefer pure text and reluctant to spend even a second more on decorating up my texts. I would give up blogging entirely if even a small portion of my time is spent inside the html file on their markups. I don’t hate working with HTML, just that, as it says, “if your tool is in the way of your documentation, then you’ve chosen the wrong tool”.

Also, recently I blogged about using glimpse as my personal search engine. I mention it because it is part of the “solution” of my documentation — The not-so-secret about my working in plain text and can still have a blog that is not that dull is, asciidoc.

Yes, all my documents are in plain text, and they are in asciidoc format, including my blogs. The advantages are:

  • I can use blogpost from asciidoc to post my blogs to wordpress.
  • If I forget if I ever documented something, or where I file them, glimpse can help me find them in a split of second.

Moreover, the other not-so-secret about my blogs is that I publish their source in github. For example, here is the source code of my glimpse blog. As you can see, the asciidoc source text presents rather well within github.


  • Use asciidoc to document
  • Use glimpse to search the documents
  • Use to post the blog to wordpress
  • Save a copy of the blog/document to github, which presents rather well in source
  • To view the real pure text in github, click on the “Raw” button

Here is how my code post would look like:

require 'sinatra' <1>

get '/hi' do      <2>
  "Hello World!"  <3>
  1. Library import
  2. URL mapping
  3. Content for response



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