Docker Image Amending

Memo to myself, how to amend an existing Docker image.
Although it was already covered in my docker installation post, it was not clear and prominent.

# update a docker image (by apt-get update)
$ sudo docker run -i -t sfxpt/DevEnv:sid apt-get update

# check the result
$ sudo docker ps -l
ID                  IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
005b170ced17        sfxpt/DevEnv:sid    apt-get update      32 seconds ago      Exit 0                    cyan_fish

# commit the change,
$ sudo docker commit 005b170ced17 sfxpt/DevEnv sid

# verify the result
$ sudo docker images
REPOSITORY             TAG                 ID                  CREATED             SIZE
sfxpt/DevEnv           sid                 506b3f5e35ff        7 seconds ago


  • Note how the sfxpt/DevEnv:sid docker tag is used under docker commit command.
  • You can omit the tag part, or the image part altogether. The result is as expected, committed to the base image, or un-tagged image.
  • As shown in my docker installation post, you can abbreviate the docker ID, to as short as the first 3 letters.

You can apply the above steps as many times as you want. E.g., to install further packages after updating the apt:

sudo docker run -i -tsfxpt/DevEnv:sid  apt-get install -y gnupg-agent
sudo docker ps -l
sudo docker commit f99a50cad361 sfxpt/DevEnv sid
sudo docker images

NB, This is an example, because I later found that gnupg-agent is not working as expected under docker, but maybe it’s only me. Please comment on your experience using gnupg-agent under docker.


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