Burning CD/DVDs with cdrecord

This is an old story, but for anyone who are still using the Debian/Ubuntu wodim to burn CD/DVDs, read on. I’ve picked my side, and I hope Debian has the courage to correct its own mistake.

PPA repository for original cdrtools for newer Ubuntu


I use Karmic which includes cdrkit packages. I would personally want to replace them with original cdrtools which are written better.

I don’t want to involve in any copyright fights but it would be nice to at least have packages that don’t break cdrtools if installed manually and a cdrtools PPA repository would be welcome.

I saw this: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-burning/+archive/ppa However, support ends on Intrepid;

— mgol


CDRTools has been packaged as a replacement for CDRKit. This may (or may not) solve many CD/DVD burning issues in Ubuntu.

The CDRTools package builds Cdrecord, which replaces Wodim, and Mkisofs, which replaces Genisoimage.

The controversy


maybe read this for your information


— nomnex

These are pointless rants and not really related to cdrtools.

During the past 14 years, I was forced several times to find workarouds for non-stable Linux kernel interfaces. The last incompatible change in Linux SCSI is furtunately nearly 6 years ago. This last one has been introduced by Linus Torvalds and caused any compliant SCSI userprogram to fail. Torvalds has been asked by a big majority of the Linux kernel hackers to undo his change immediately after he broke Linux, to no avail.

The original cdrtools only have been broken by Linux kernel self-incompatibilities from time to time….

Unfortunately many people may believe that there are additional problems, but these additional problem are bugs that have been introduced by Debian in the Debian variants of the cdrtools binaries. The current problems are caused by an unfriendly Debian packager that started attacks against the project in May 2004.

The current version of the fork found on Debian is dead since more than 3 years. There are more than 100 well known and well documented bugs. There never has been any attempt from Debian to fix these bugs.

People who use the original software instead of the fork from Debian know that none of the documented bugs from the Debian variant apply to the original software.

During the past 6 months, more and more people realized the real cause of the problems and started using the original software again.

I don’t want to involve in any copyright fights but …

— mgol

I have no idea why some people run personal attacks against cdrtools. It started as a personal attack in May 2004 and in Autumn 2005, the person who started the personal attacks changed his strategy and started to claim a legal problem in the original software.

If you are interested in the legal background, it would however be fairly simple to understand which side is using valid arguments.

Debian and other parties that claim a legal problem did never give any valid legal prove for their claims and all “information” that is floating around is just copies from the original Debian claims.

The legal validation on why the original software has no legal problems is however cleanly proven by legal facts and quotes to the related laws. . .

schily; July 10th, 2010

About legal issues: part of all of this comes from a fundamental incompatibility between principles of Civil Law (on which the Urheberrecht is based) and Common Law (on which the copyright principles are based). . . Legal issues are a lot more complicated than what was initially thought, and, as you can see, Wodim legal safety is challenged.

So, in plain English: keep using CDRecord happily.

Alejandro Nova; October 15th, 2010


I use cdrecord with k3b with full success.

mgol; June 17th, 2010

Having Brasero CD write problems ever since I switched from Linux Mint 7 to 8 (Karmic) 7 months ago, I finally wanted to find a fix for it. While searching for one, I found that apparently the issues with Brasero on Lucid are even worse. In the process I also came across http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/linux-dist.html, causing me, to immediately wanting to get rid of that unfortunate childish Linux cdrkit Kaspertheater and replacing it with cdrtools, which I am familiar with from OS/2.

OS/2-User; July 21st, 2010

I wish to thank Schily for his unequaled program. Several bugs which I had with wodim went away. I could not mount audio and video cd’s and dvd’s after successful burning with wodim, I could not mount any disc copied with wodim, I could not blank my dvd’s with wodim.

Alejandro Nova: thank you for your competent exposition. . . your explanation shows clearly that Ubuntu can very safely include unmodified Schily’s cdrtools into its distribution.

doru001; May 7th, 2012


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