Dual Boot Windows 8 UEFI with Ubuntu

This is about making it possible to dual boot Windows 8 UEFI with Ubuntu. There are lots of such blogs/posts on the Internet already, so why another one? The reason is mainly two folds:

  • Many of them aren’t clear whether their Windows 8 is booted with UEFI or not.
  • And most importantly, there are also lots of posts/questions that their systems are toasted, after trying.

I kind of like to know all the “dangers” before jumping into the water. So I “looked”, before I leaped. Now I’d like to share out what I’ve “looked” so far, so as to make the next person’s life a bit easier, if s/he wants to dual boot Windows 8 UEFI with Ubuntu as well.

My findings are posted at http://goo.gl/5dR4Ty, or https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L0obnZkzX7aFyWqmx6zS1CrXEH_X9rRJUnBYeWWjJgU/edit#heading=h.hjmzej1mnr0j, if you don’t want to click on shortened urls.



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