Contributing To Emacs MELPA

Contributing To Emacs MELPA

I’ve been using the emacs-traditional for a while, just the bare-bone of it, without any site-level elisp modules, because it is based on the Ubuntu Emacs Daily Snapshot Recipe, which offers “little/no support for installing debian packages of elisp modules”.

Now I need to use the elisp modules. This leads to my rediscovery of GNU Emacs, thanks to the Emacs 24’s package system, because my .emacs file is so mal-maintained, with a single humongous file containing all kinds of hacks and fixes, that it is beyond maintainable. I.e., I’ve declared Dot Emacs Bankruptcy for my .emacs file long time ago.

I completely restructured my Emacs init file, which is now based on the built-in package-install method. While at it, I found that I need an Emacs mode to edit Debian preseed files. So here is how I add my Debian preseed Emacs mode To Emacs MELPA. It is super easy.

Steps 1, Building and Testing

  1. Fork the MELPA repository.
  2. Add your new file under the default recipes/ directory where package-build was loaded.
  3. Open the recipe in Emacs and press C-c C-c in the recipe buffer. This will also prompt you to install the freshly-built package.
git clone --depth 1

cd melpa/
echo '(preseed-generic-mode :fetcher github :repo "suntong001/preseed-generic-mode")' | tee recipes/preseed-generic-mode

emacs recipes/preseed-generic-mode

Then press C-c C-c in the recipe buffer. That should be it, if all went smoothly. Here is my total log FYI:

;;; preseed-generic-mode

Fetcher: github
Source: suntong001/preseed-generic-mode

Cloning git:// to /export/repo/gitother/melpa/working/preseed-generic-mode/
Saving file /export/repo/gitother/melpa/packages/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541.el...
Wrote /export/repo/gitother/melpa/packages/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541.el
Wrote /export/repo/gitother/melpa/packages/preseed-generic-mode-readme.txt
File: /export/repo/gitother/melpa/packages/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541.entry
Built in 0.175s, finished at Sun Feb  1 10:41:50 2015
File: /export/repo/gitother/melpa/packages/archive-contents
Install new package? (y or n) y
Making version-control local to preseed-generic-mode-autoloads.el while let-bound!
Generating autoloads for preseed-generic-mode.el...done
Saving file /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541/preseed-generic-mode-autoloads.el...
Wrote /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541/preseed-generic-mode-autoloads.el
(No files need saving)
Checking /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541... [3 times]
Compiling /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541/preseed-generic-mode.el...done
Wrote /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541/preseed-generic-mode.elc
Checking /home/tong/.emacs.d/elpa/preseed-generic-mode-20150119.1541...
Done (Total of 1 file compiled, 2 skipped)

Contributing To MELPA

The rest are even simpler:

  • Open a pull request on Github. One pull request per recipe.
  • The package name should match the name of the feature provided.
  • Include the following information in the pull request:
    • A brief summary of what the package does.
    • A direct link to the package repository.
    • Your association with the package (e.g., are you the maintainer? have you contributed? do you just like the package a lot?).
  • After verifying the entry works properly, submit the pull request.

That’s it. Check out for more details.


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