Answer to the math programming question

Answer to the math programming question

This is the answer to the previous math programming question, a problem difficult enough to be interesting, yet simple enough to be finished in a short time. Here is the answer:

NB, I also tried to post the code at, but the random seeding is not working there, so the result is really bad there.

This is actually a tuned down version of what I did when I was in the computer programming competition in the first year of my high school. I was doing four-side bouncing at that time, and I didn’t have the math skill required by then. Luckily the competition is not about who solve the problem the fastest, but who could come up with the most interesting problem and could also solve it as well. Took me more than a week working on the computer to solve it (using line to draw on graphic canvas), using the limited knowledge I had by then.

As you can see, with the proper math skills, this two-side bouncing can be very simple. Because I still haven’t been writing go code frequently enough for me to remember everything, I have to consult almost everything to books or Google, including how to define constants or two dimensional array; how to make array of characters, use rand in go, and Abs for int as well, or even how to write a for loop in go. Even so, the core code was finished in about half an hour.

OK, do you know how it works? Can you tweak it to make it a three-side, or four-side bouncing game?


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